As I'm laying here in bed, my baby boy gently snoring beside me, I am overcome with a need to sleep. My eyes are heavy, my back aches and I'm feeling bloated from a cheeky kebab I consumed earlier.

But sleep isn't coming. My mind is whirring with ideas, thoughts and plans for the week ahead. I have so much on my plate at the moment.

Dolls to finish, dolls to start.

A website to build.

Paintings to paint and drawings to draw.

Not to mention day-to-day living. Housework. Meals to cook. Groceries to shop for. Children to nurture. Things to clean. Things to dust. Things to fix.

I should really start my new workout routine and reevaluate my diet too.

Not tonight though.

But I'll get there. I'm determined to get there. Soon I'll have a website and a new collection of beautiful dolls with accompanying artwork. The house will be tidy and the kids catered for. I might even be slightly skinnier too!

I will get there.
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