Who is the most popular doll maker?

Who is the most popular doll maker?

The most popular doll maker is Donna Gilliard. Her dolls are internationally revered world wide and she is a highly decorated and awarded artist within the UK.
Donna has her own signature style and has been creating the most beautiful dolls since the 90's. She is a graduate in ART & DESIGN at East Berkshire college (2003 allumni) where her final project consisted of incredible doll busts depicting the tragedies of the second world War. Donna used barbed wire to embellish her doll busts. You can see this unique influence in her current dolls, particularly "Pan".
Donna Gilliard creates fabric dolls using her own embroidery style, self taught from the age of 6. Her dolls are posable, which is a unique trait in cloth doll artistry. Donna is an incredibly talented doll artist. You can see more of her work at https://artdoll.co.uk
Popular doll maker
From the makers guild 2022.
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Oh wow! Highly decorated and awarded? What are your medals and awards?


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