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The Legacy doll Experience

The Legacy doll Experience

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Elevate your status by immortalising yourself with your very own personalised legacy doll.


Ensure your memory is passed down through generations, forever.


Gifting your legacy doll to your loved one will delight and inspire them. They'll love talking about your accolades with you and showing off their exceptionally rare, one of a kind doll to their friends.


This unique, personalised experience is like no other. You will be my priority until your one of a kind legacy doll is complete. This is a service like no other. Because, you deserve it.

Complimentary bonuses

I have included these complimentary bonuses, just for you.


Personalise to their style so they'll love it quiz.

A worksheet to note down important elements about your recipient so that your doll is perfect for them and they're guarantied to love it!

I've carefully selected a few simple questions to help us work together to create the perfect doll. It'll take about 10 minutes to complete.


Brainstorm your way to capturing perfect memories.

I've carefully created a beautiful worksheet to help you brainstorm the memories, accolades and symbols that you want to be eternally remembered for, so that nothing is missed.

I am thorough and thoughtful when creating your doll and this worksheet will help me ensure that your doll is perfect!


Your time is precious, so is your doll. How to care for your doll without the stress.

Save time and effort caring for your doll, keeping her clean, dust free and looking perfect in under 5 minutes. This practical guide will show you how.


But wait, there's more..



I give a dam about you and your legacy so included with this incredible doll is a free consultation to discuss all of the above and to plan how I can do you the justice that you deserve by creating your perfect legacy doll.


All this for free, when you decided to choose the Legacy doll, handmade by leading doll artist Donna Gilliard, as the perfect way to capture your memory, for generations to come.


Creating your Legacy doll

I love working with people to capture their most significant memories. I take so much pride in the dolls I create and your doll will, of course, be no exception.

I am proud to tell you that I have been creating for three decades so I have lots of experience.

My last profession, before having my third child, was as an undertaker. An interesting job in it's own right, but also the perfect way to gain experience in creating your Legacy doll.

You see, I've been with families through times that we often cannot bear to think about. Creating memories for those times was an integral part of my work as an Undertaker. I am therefore, experienced in talking through these issues, should you need to. I'll approach any sensitive discussions with upmost respect and privacy. You're safe with me.

Together, we can work through your worksheets and uncover your deepest desires for this doll. I'll help you every step of the way. In our consultation, we will have a lovely informal chat, over a cup of tea (or a beverage of your choice - coffee, water, wine - I don't mind). During this lovely chat, we can plan out exactly what you want from your doll. If you do want to gift the doll to someone special, we can map out a plan to do this and how to make the doll delight them.

I am so excited to work with you.


Value, exceptional quality and the most exquisite dolls in the world. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Finer details


Due to the intricate focus I put into making your legacy doll absolutely perfect, I only take on one client at a time. Therefore, spaces in my calendar are scarce. Please only purchase if you're certain this doll is for you.


It will take me approximately 8 weeks to create your doll. But please keep in mind that this is a guide. There is a lot of intricate work involved in handcrafting these beautiful dolls. I mostly work at night whilst the children are asleep and therefore am governed by them. If they're unwell, for example, I could be delayed. These circumstances are exceptional and for the most part, your doll should be ready in 8 weeks.


All sales are final. The legacy doll is so exclusive & personal that once created, it cannot be reused.


Once crafted, as long as treated with care, your doll will last for generations without the need for repair or replacement. It will last and I can promise that. This is why the legacy doll does not come with a guarantee, it simply doesn't need one.

Of course, if your doll does become damaged I am always just a phone call or message away to discuss it with you and resolve any issues. I am more than happy to offer you a personalised, exclusive service, every step of the way.


Thank you for choosing me.

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